Though Monica and Chandler met up after their particular times collectively in London, they stored their relationship trick

6 Their Wedding Venue

Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe comprise at an art gallery once they overheard anyone showing it as prospective wedding venue. Others girls spoke Monica into putting her label regarding the registry, in case. A woman from the museum called and remaining a note about the site after. Chandler overheard and immediately freaked out. Monica assured him that she failed to consider they’d end up being engaged and getting married. Subsequently, visitors realized he had planned to propose and maintain place.

Once they got interested, Monica got out of the wedding ceremony binder from her youth. But, the show never truly showed all of them preparing the wedding outside this and larger things like the woman clothes as well as their vows. They never went to look at spots and they never discussed that art gallery once more. Indeed, it appeared as if they got married in a hotel.

5 Chandler looking at Ross and Joey for pointers & Proposing Because he had been “Sorry”

Though Monica and Chandler met up after their unique time with each other in London, they held their own partnership secret. But gradually, the others found out. When everybody realized, people they know going discussing their particular potential future. What might they get them for wedding presents? That would be their particular children’ godparents?

Chandler rapidly started want Jewish Sites dating app panicking, and he and Monica battled regarding it. As she pointed out, she never ever asserted that she wished those things inside their partnership at once. Chandler after that turned to Ross and Joey for advice, which resulted in your proposing. They actually dealt with exactly why this was these types of a bad idea – Ross had two divorces to his term when this occurs and Joey wanted informal relationships. Yet, the tv series have they get much adequate that Chandler really suggested aˆ” and advised Monica that he was actually performing this because he had been sorry.

4 The European Kissing

When Monica and Chandler 1st got together, they kept they from the others, which required that they comprise sneaking in and covering when they are together in romantic problems. But they slipped right up early on. Chandler had been going to work, and then he kissed Monica so long. She kissed him as well as don’t seems shocked by it.

But, if they noticed that rest had been current, they pretended that it was some European thing that Chandler got found in London.

The others got it, even with they walked in on Monica and Chandler kissing alone inside her apartment. Additionally, Monica did not also worry that Chandler kissed Phoebe and Rachel each time others watched all of them.

3 Monica Did Not Know Chandler’s Specs Were Unique

It had been an ongoing joke that the remaining people did not learn specific things about Chandler. They performednaˆ™t know what his tasks ended up being. (also Monica don’t see until after the guy quit, in month 9, four years after they got together.) Next, inside the season 7 event “TOW Phoebe’s Cookies”, Chandler turned up wear glasses one day additionally the others believed he would have all of them the whole opportunity.

Monica, his fiancA©e, also believed he would always worn cups. They would come collectively two years by that time, living along for annually and company for much longer. It actually was one thing your other people not to ever see, but having Monica become she considered he’d had specs this entire time? It just failed to seem sensible.

2 Monica and Chandler’s Off-Screen Mention London

Monica decided to go to Chandler’s space while individuals were in London for Ross and Emily’s wedding. She is sad after somebody mistook their for Ross’ mother. Also, this lady bro is engaged and getting married and she didn’t have any prospects. After the two invested the evening along, they mentioned it might best happen in London. But this didn’t final when they came back house.

It was not until after their unique involvement that the reality about London came out. Monica really was interested in Joey because she just desired some comfort and nothing major. Chandler had been damage, and then he walked out of their apartment. He then talked with Joey and consented to allowed your officiate their unique wedding ceremony. But Monica and Chandler chatted off-screen. After, they wise people they know which they’d chatted and every little thing had been alright.

1 Monica’s Secret Cabinet

In season 8, Chandler revealed that Monica had a secret, closed wardrobe within their house. Then he tried to break right into it and very quickly discovered that it was a complete mess. However, Chandler have been surviving in the apartment for two age by this point, so it must not have been a secret. He’d started buddies with Monica along with even existed nearby for many years before that.

Rachel additionally existed with Monica into the apartment for several years. Anyone will need to have identified regarding it before this aspect – or Chandler should have no less than inquired about they. It could need at least generated some feeling if he’d found it while he got relocating, two years earlier on.

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